Creating Accessible Communities Through Design

To Plan Better

Planning documents are a productive exercise for any agency or city to do. They dictate what needs to have infrastructure, future developments, and current land use, all work together to build out the city. Master plans can vary and can cover a wide range of subject matters. Crossroad Lab focusses on Surface modifications to existing infrastructure. Master plans shouldn’t hide impacts. IT should transparently show what will happen. By producing planning documents with accurate CAD, Crossroad Lab can ensure smooth project Delivery.

Engineering Level

Crossroad Lab starts any master plan by using historical, public, and big data, to prioritize destinations, routes, and corridors. These then can studied for width, constraints, and intersection modifications. Crossroad Lab Uses Infraworks 360 to clearly portray what the site concepts are. By producing CAD drawing it allows for businesses, residents, and politicians, to vet impacts and facilities.

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